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KIWI ride

SaaS | B2B integration software for transport services

Integrated software KIWIride is one of the IT solutions of GPS Mobility Tech for Sharing, Taxi, Delivery and Rent services of any transport. We will introduce to you the infrastructure of transport services and ensure efficient management of business structures.

This complete solution provides access to the software, vehicle management system and iOS/Android app with one user interface.

Complete solution KIWIride for small and large business

It is the consolidation of your fleet vehicles with our complete IT solution. The product is adapted for both small and large business, which allows to manage business structure processes and optimize them via fleet management system.

Control panels and service monitoring

Manage your business in real time using our automated workstations. You can monitor, analyze, control a single platform and, if necessary, effectively implement the next step in your business strategy. Statistical data provides an opportunity for financial forecasting in terms of future growth rates.

Start a business with KIWIride-franchise or White label business model

KIWIride-franchise or White label business model is the structural basis of your business plan.

KIWIride-franchise is an exclusive partnership with our company. This business model consists of three commercial offers: Package 1, Package 2, Package 3. We will assign you the rights to use our KIWIride brand and provide long-term technical support for a chosen transportation service.

White label business model consists of three commercial offers: Silver, Gold and Platinum. Each package is designed based on the functional adaptation, which allows you to expand your business from B2C to B2B. Gradual adaptation will create an opportunity to cooperate with larger companies and enter a big market.

Main benefits of partnering with KIWIride:

  • You have an opportunity of accessing the integrated software for Sharing, Taxi, Delivery and Rent services, which is operated by our company since the start of the product development.
  • We systematically refine IoT to improve user services.
  • We have developed iOS & Android app versions for sharing, taxi, delivery and rent services in one interface.
  • With the franchise partnership you can provide your service to a single client database inside the KIWIiride mobile application.
  • You can get personal training for effective business management.

If you are interested in starting your business based on franchise partnership, you can determine your investments using our business configurator and start the process of integrated implementation within 2 weeks.

Business configurator

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