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Job Description

Business Development Manager

A Business Development Manager is the front of the company and will have the dedication to create and apply effective sales strategy.  A person who is ambitious and energetic that will start and expand the business who is focused on financial gain through arranging business development meetings with prospective clients. The one who is concerned with the improving and growing the business by fostering and developing relationships with clients, suppliers and business partners.

Duties and responsibilities include but are not limited to: 

  • Identify new business opportunities – including new markets, growth areas, trends, clients, customers and service.
  • Seek out the appropriate contact in an organization
  • Generate leads and cold call prospective clients and business partners
  • Meet with clients face to face or over the phone
  • Understand the needs of clients and be able to respond effectively with a plan of how to meet these needs.
  • Think strategically – seeing the bigger picture and setting aims and objectives in order to develop and improve the business.
  • Work strategically – seeing the bigger picture and setting aims and objectives in order to develop and improve the business
  • Work strategically – carrying out necessary planning in order to implement operational changes
  • Draw up client contracts – depending on the size of company, this task may be completed by someone else or agreements may not be as formal
  • Have good understanding of the business and be able to advise others about them
  • Ensure staff are on board throughout the organization, and understand the need for change and what is required of them
  • Train members of the team, arranging external training where appropriate
  • Discuss promotional strategy and activities with the marketing department
  • Liaise with the finance team, warehousing and logistics departments appropriately
  • Seek ways of improving the way the business operates.
  • Attend seminars, conferences and event where appropriate.
  • Keep abreast of trends and changes in the business world.

Our preferred candidate will have:

  • College degree in Business, Management, Finance, Economic. Master in Business Development is a plus factor.
  • 10+ years of advertising or marketing creative design and development.
  • 5+ years of management experience.
  • Success as a brand marketing design leader, understanding of creative systems and design .from marketing to digital and in-app to product design in the mobility space.
  • Creative Design experience in a creative design agency (advertising, marketing, film), market research firm, or similar functional area within a similar client environment.
  • Deep understanding of brand design, product design and performance marketing.
  • Track record of designing, developing and executing effective, award-winning creative marketing campaigns across media.
  • Leadership: Great at negotiating relationships and representing brand design and creative decisions to company teams and executives.
  • Strategy in the sense that you think out-of-the-box and doing cool stuff, but understand that there needs to be a hook in business goals and success.
  • Strong understanding of KIWIride market and business environment and how it impacts business decisions.
  • Excellent organizational skills, with emphasis on priorities and goal setting.
  • Strong proficiency in Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint and statistical analysis software tools.
  • Superior presentation and communication skills both written and verbal
  • Technical skills required to understand and propose the company services by focusing on client requirements.
  • Ability to communicate information, whether technical or non-technical to staff members and customer in a clear and concise manner.
  • A person who is passionate, collaborative, motivated and positive team player.

Note: This article can be revised if needed.