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Taxi | Software Functionality

Fleet management system of taxi service

Customer Database
  • Customer identification (user) using a phone number, discount or debit/credit card number.
  • Collecting, organising and analysing customer data
  • Tracking and saving the customer's travel history
  • Automatic selection of addresses from travel history
  • Automated booking
  • Collecting, storing and analysing connected to the system drivers data (individuals)
Access Rights Management
  • Granting permissions by category
  • Customised access panel for users
  • Technical support and system optimization for business processes
Loyalty program system
  • Adjustment of the loyalty program system (markups, bonuses, discounts) to the business process
  • Analysis and identification of customers by loyalty program categories
  • Determination of clients of a discount and accumulative card according to the loyalty program
  • Using a discount and accumulative card in the client's personal account
  • Determination of a fixed tariff for a loyalty program for a client
  • Implementation of a rating system and driver monitoring
  • Adapted installation of the bonus program for drivers
  • on orders
  • by driver
  • by clients
  • by dispatchers
  • on mutual settlements
  • by revenue and profit
  • by payment methods
  • by tariffs
  • by periods
  • by car
  • report generation
Tariff management
  • Setting the tariff by time
  • Setting the tariff by distance
  • Setting the tariff by taxi demand
  • Setting the tariff according to road conditions
  • Fixed tariffs for regular customers
  • Automated ERP (Electronic Road Pricing) trip calculation based on fare
  • Ability to choose one or several tariff options
Order management
  • Create an order card
  • Distribution of orders by drivers
  • Customer status identification, new order placement and automated fare calculation
  • Monitoring customer’s order history
  • Order distribution by nearest driver's location
  • Program for processing two orders at a time by one driver
  • Android operating system software for drivers
  • Receiving orders from customers
  • Receiving an order from a dispatcher
  • Notification of the dispatcher and the client about the execution of the order
  • Ability to receive two orders at the same time
  • Navigation to the client and along the route
  • Messaging with dispatchers and clients
  • Built-in SOS function to notify you of problems
  • Displaying trip price data
  • Real-time driver balance display
Chargeback system
  • Creation of a personal account for the driver
  • Automatic write-off formula for the driver
  • Chargeback with dispatchers
  • Financial report of the dispatcher's work for the period
  • Automated accruals under the loyalty program for drivers based on customer feedback
  • Rating program for drivers, dispatchers and customers
Call Recording
  • Automatic recording of the call from client
  • Access to a recording of dispatcher's conversation with a client
Mobile App
  • Order processing
  • Determination of the most visited addresses
  • Detailed view of orders
  • Taxi Route Broadcast
  • Saving orders in history
  • Save Favourite Addresses
  • Transmission of order data in the drivers application
Personal accounts for corporate clients
  • Connecting a corporate client to the system
  • Access to account on the website
  • Order placement for organisation's staff
  • Management of orders made by the company
  • Trip and chargebacks monitoring
  • Making a reservation for a specific date and time of day
  • Driver notification about pre-order
  • Reassigning an order to another driver
Website for ordering a taxi
  • Commercial website for ordering a taxi service
GPS monitoring
  • Sending driver data from GPS devices
  • Automatic location recording into database
  • Vehicle movement monitoring throughout a specific day and time
  • Drivers work performance control
  • Driver’s rapid response to emergencies