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IT solution - description of software

Integration software and mobile application for B2B within 2 weeks

Certified software
Certified software
Multifunctional software solution for iOS/Android
Multifunctional software solution for iOS/Android

The integrated platform for sharing, taxi, delivery and rent services is developed based on SaaS (Software as a Service) requirements. We provide access to:

  • The service using API (Application Programming Interface), which is managed via certain functions of the control panel.
  • The multifunctional software solution for iOS/Android mobile application on the following vehicles:
  • Scooter, e-scooter Scooter, e-scooter
  • Bike, e-bike Bike, e-bike
  • Moped, e-moped Moped, e-moped
  • Car, e-car Car, e-car

Exclusive partnership under the terms of the KIWIride-franchise business model

This exclusive partnership offers further technical support in the development of your selected transport service. We will assign you the rights to use our KIWIride brand, which will cut the costs of creating a new brand.

Your business is integrated into the KIWIride mobile application under a single brand, where you will get access to the control panels inside the application. Sharing, taxi, delivery and rent services are displayed in one interface with access to the single customer database.


Partnership based on the White label business model

The White Label business model offers an implementation of Sharing, Taxi, Delivery and Rent transport services under three commercial proposals: Silver, Gold and Platinum.

You can start a small business under your brand, run it from any part of the world and become a part of the global mobility system. With the White Label business model you will be able to brand interfaces of all software solutions under your logo.

If necessary, we will ensure the transition from one package to another to expand the access to more tools of the control panel provided by KIWIride’s technical support team.


Business management inside KiwiRide mobile application

Business owners are provided with a control board (frontend) of the mobile application able to customize the main functions:

  • Creating an automatic or manual route;
  • Adding the types of vehicles;
  • Integration of bank cards and payment systems;
  • Price adaptation according to your company’s financial calculation;
  • Management of financial operations categorized by transactions, revenues and types of payment;
  • Creating custom rates, defined by you;
  • Adding internal chat between users;
  • Management of statistical data categorized by types of vehicles, provided services and status of users;
  • Using marketing tools to obtain statistics, process analysis and remarketing.




Total number of KIWIride application customers

Total rides 600000
Total customers 250000
iOS downloads 170000
Android downloads 80000


What kind of benefits can you offer to your clients?

Business development opportunities for transport services:

  • Expansion of transport infrastructure in small and large cities.
  • Expansion of business structure by adding new tools shortly, based on customer demand.


Using KIWIride App your clients will be able to:

  • Activate service and manage personal account remotely;
  • Select the type of a vehicle and service;
  • Manage e-wallet and transfer money to another user wallet;
  • Check the travel and transactions history in their personal accounts;
  • Give access to up to 5 users to their personal accounts at the same time;
  • Be ensured of financial transaction security.
  • Use all four services: Sharing, Taxi, Delivery and Rent at the same time inside the mobile application.
  • Choose the nearest location of fleet vehicles.


What do you need to do to cooperate with us?

  • Select the type of transport service;
  • Select the type of one or more vehicles;
  • Choose the type of partnership: KIWIride-franchise or White label;
  • Contact us and start the step-by-step process of complete solution implementation.