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Passing the traffic jam with the e-scooter

KIWIride relies on proven managed connectivity solution from A1 Digital for communication with its e-scooters.

KIWIride from Vienna has set itself the task of reducing the impact of carbon emissions in every city in which they operate, without the local authorities bearing any costs. The aim is to improve a person’s CO2 footprint by reducing dependence on motor vehicles for short-haul transport. To this end, KIWIride relies on environmentally friendly, intelligent mobility solutions in the form of electric scooters, which it provides through a platform for sharing in the GCC and the EU.

To use an electric scooter, the KIWIride app must be downloaded from the iStore or Google Play Store. After registration, all available scooters will be displayed nearby on the smartphone’s map screen. To unlock a KIWIride scooter, tap the “Trip” button at the bottom of the screen.  Then all you have to do is scan the QR code with the smartphone camera and off you go.

To ensure the ongoing connection with the electric scooters for daily operation, KIWIride used the proven managed connectivity solution of A1 Digital International GmbH, which consists of robust, pluggable M2M SIM cards and the Bulk SIM management platform SIMplify.  In parallel with the customer-specific solution design for the individual countries with the corresponding data volume, A1 Digital’s good reputation in the area of consulting and support spoke for the Austrian service provider and digitalisation expert.

The SIM cards play a central role in this. They provide a stable Internet connection for communication between the eScooters and the KIWIride servers, for example to transmit the position of the eScooter, the battery status and the kilometres travelled, so that the data can be sent to the user’s app can be forwarded.  The SIM management platform SIMplify takes over the central control, management and monitoring of the SIM cards, which facilitates the administration of the SIM cards due to their intuitive interface.

The management platform enables the SIM cards, sets specially adapted tariff models for different countries and monitors the data volume and status of the electric scooters.  For eScooters that cannot be used because they are defective or have been stolen, the status can be changed manually to inactive at any time to avoid unnecessary data consumption.  All data is always available in real time. In addition to the management and troubleshooting of individual SIM cards, the KIWIride platform also offers comprehensive reports on data usage and the costs involved.

“Through SIM Management, we can view all relevant information about our SIM cards at any time. Functionally, there have been no problems so far. The solution runs reliably and stably. Minor irregularities were immediately fixed by A1 Digital Support within a very short time. A1 Digital has lived up to its reputation as a highly professional provider of sophisticated managed connectivity solutions in all respects. We are therefore very satisfied with the solution from A1 Digital”

Dmitrii Guzik, Managing Director of KIWIride