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New start-ups and groundbreaking updates

KIWIride – named after the quick, agile and compact bird of the same name – will launch in Dubai this month, bringing 600 e-scooters to the streets of Dubai. The e-scooters, designed for the hotter climes of the region, are available at the tap of an app to UAE residents and visitors alike.

KIWIride aims to help communities gain access to environmentally friendly, affordable mobility solutions and reduce the dependence on automobiles for short distance transportation. KIWIride makes short trips fun while reducing users’ carbon footprint.

KIWIride scooters have been designed and produced specially for the Middle East. They work perfectly in extreme weather conditions to ensure users get a smooth ride no matter what the temperature is outside. It is ideal for short distance travel.

Download the app to unlock the scooter. Riders must be above 14 years old.