How do I download the app?

To download the KIWIrideapp, click here and you will be redirected automatically to the appropriate download page for your mobile device. You can also search “Kiwiride” in both the IOS App store and Google Play store.

How do I find a KiwiRide near me?

To find a Kiwi scooter near you, open the KIWIride app. By enabling Location Services, you will automatically be taken to the map screen, showing all available scooters in your area. If you don’t see any vehicle icons displayed on the map, zoom out to search a wider area.

How do I unlock my KIWIride Scooter?

To unlock your Kiwi scooter, simply open the KIWIride app and tap the “Ride” button at the bottom of the screen. Scan the QR code using your phone’s camera, or manually enter the 8-digit vehicle code located below the QR code.

How do I end my ride?

First, make sure you’re parking in a safe, appropriate locationthat does not block car traffic, impede pedestrian access, obstruct an ADA ramp or infringe on private property. To lock your Scooter, tap "End Ride" in the KIWIride app. Your trip summary and ride history are available on the app as well, for your reference.

Where can I ride?

In general, electric scooters should not be ridden on roads, no matter what the speed is. Foryour own safety and to avoid inconvenience to others, you should only ride on pavements (at no more than 15 km/h)or cycling paths (at no more than25km/h). Please ensure you follow any specific regulations that apply in the specific community that you are riding in at any given time.

Why does KIWIride ask for GPS location?

The KIWIride app uses your GPS location to show you scooters that are in your vicinity to within a few meters’ accuracy. The GPS location also serves to ensure your ride history is maintained for your reference.

Do I need safety gear?

Even though it is not a legal requirement, it is highly recommended that all riders put on the necessary safety gear such as helmets and proper footwear. For example, high heels or very loose slippers should be avoided.

How easy is it for first timers?

Even someone riding for the first time will be able to familiarize themselves and start right away. Due to the nature of the vehicle, it is relatively easy to stand on and ride without having to worry about losing balance or control. As with everything else, it is always advisable to start slow and gain speed gradually.

My scooter has broken down. What should I do?

If you encounter any issues with your KIWIride scooter that would affect your safety or ability to complete your trip, please stop riding immediately and report the problem to us. You can either call us on 800KIWI or send a message on the app.We will have the scooter collected and repairedat the earliest. You will not be charged for the ride.

Why can't I find the vehicle shown on the map?

Please ensure you are in an area with good GPS signal reception, and that you have looked in all open public spaces. Don’t forget to check behind vehicles or large structures. If you still cannot find the vehicle, please choose another vehicle nearby, and let us know about the issue at support@kiwiride.com.

Why can't I unlock KIWIride?

  • The scooter is under maintenance. The app will notify if that is the case.
  • The scooter is already in use. The app will not display the scooter on the map.
  • Someone has used a private lock to secure the scooter. Please report this matter on support@kiwiride.com.
  • The QR code and / or vehicle code is illegible. Please report this matter on support@kiwiride.com.

What are the advantages of using ane-scooter?

  • Saves time: up to 70% faster for short commutes
  • Saves money: costs a fraction of what a taxi might cost for the same trip
  • Saves the planet: with zero carbon emissions, you reduce your carbon footprint by not using a car for the short commute
  • Easy mobility: scooters can access those short cut routes through buildings and parking lots
  • In the event of an accident, what should I do?

  • If there is any damage to a KIWIride scooter, then report it to us through the app, or on 800KIWI, or on support@kiwiride.com.
  • If there is any damage to another vehicle, then first report the incident to the police, and then also report it to us. We will guide you through the next steps.
  • For any damage to property, find the nearest security personnel within the community and report it to them first, and then notify us also.
  • In case of any injury caused to a pedestrian because of your ride, please be courteous and report the incident to the nearest security personnel of the community. A hit and run is as wrong on a scooter as it is in a car.
  • Highways, main roads and all roads built for motor vehicles

  • Stony or rocky ground, or uneven ground with a lot of potholes
  • Through construction sites
  • Up or down very steep ramps
  • On sand, mud or other soft ground
  • Areas where riding is prohibited within the community you are riding in
  • Apart from safety, what are some general good practices while riding?

    • Do not ring your bell excessively when approaching pedestrians. If a pedestrian does not show signs of giving way, dismount and push to overtake. Saying 'Excuse Me' and 'Thank You' with a smile can go a long way.
    • Do not speed. Always be ready to stop when approaching pedestrians who might not be aware of their surroundings (e.g., children, the elderly, people glued to their phones or otherwise distracted). Slow down or dismount and push.
    • Always slow down and be ready to stop when approaching blind spots such as shop entrances or pavement junctions.
    • Dismount and push at zebra crossings, traffic lights and bus stops.
    • Always keep to your right.
    • When riding in groups, maintain a safe distance from the other scooters around you.
    • Do not brake suddenly, because it could lead to an accident.
    • Do not argue with security personnel within the community you are riding in; and instead, be courteous and follow their instructions.

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