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Delivery | Software Functionality

Fleet management system of delivery service

Client database management
  • Connecting clients to the service
  • Access to account
  • Application system for courier service
  • Adding Clients to the System
  • Activation of clients in the system
  • Deactivation of clients in the system
  • Monitoring of mutual settlements
Courier Management
  • Adding couriers to the system
  • Assigning couriers to fulfil orders (Assigning couriers to orders)
  • Monitoring the delivery situation online
  • Displaying couriers on the online map
  • Monitoring the progress of the courier
Order management
  • Creation of orders and control of their implementation
  • Filling out the order card
  • Displaying the history of completed orders
  • Automatic calculation of the cost of delivery (order)
  • Support fulfilment of several orders by one courier
  • Displaying orders on the map
Inventory control
  • Accounting for courier service goods
  • Stock order picking
  • Reports on consumption and balance of goods
  • Accounting for the range of goods for customers
  • Formation of acts of arrival, write-off and movement between warehouses
Analytical reports on orders, couriers and customers
  • Order reports
  • Reports on couriers
  • Operator reports
  • Payment Form Reports
  • Period reports
  • Report generation in Excel format
Settlement system
  • Automatic debiting of certified orders
  • Formation of an automatic write-off plan for each order for couriers
  • Courier rates based on hours worked or completed orders Automated bonus accrual
Mobile application for ordering delivery
  • iOS/Android mobile application
  • Checkout
  • Detailed information about each order
  • Purchase history
  • Connection between the customer and the courier through mobile application
Application for couriers
  • Taking orders via mobile app
  • Display of the current order on the map
  • Change of delivery status
  • Possibility to attach an image of the order
  • Tracking the movement of the courier by the operator
  • Tracking the courier’s route by time periods
Website for delivery order
  • Commercial website for ordering courier services
  • SMS-mailing about the delivery status and courier
  • Connecting to an SMS provider
  • Writing a message using template scripts
  • Writing a message manually